Thursday, February 16, 2006

Love is a quality of the heart

Love is a quality of the heart! The miracle - that it brings about the transformation in the heart, changes it to what it should always have been—the embodiment of love! Very selfless! Just as the lamp shines without expecting any return for it, similarly, such a pure heart loves—and goes on loving, no matter what happens—because that is its nature, and it has no idea of any return. A person loves to the capacity of his/her heart. When the transformation is complete, the love is pure, ideal, and totally and absolutely self-less!

Love. Love so well, love so much, love so absolutely that your heart becomes capable and deserving of receiving And that is the real beauty of existence.


At 13:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love is there but not selfless. Is it possible even after so many demands that take place.


At 02:15, Anonymous Nidhi said...

Yes Love is really such a beautiful feeling and its so pure. One can do anything to see the smile of love mate as if that is the most precious thing in life.

I liked your blog, all post have right message to give.


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