Sunday, February 19, 2006

Love and Pain are as light and shadow

Without pain love is not possible. Whose pain? Your pain. If you seek to love – bear pain first. If you seek to love infinitely – bear infinite pain. Because love is nothing but the other name of pain, it's not two things. To me pain is love, love is pain.

Human life cannot exist without problems. Indeed, one definition of life is that it is that which creates problems, which we have then to solve. My Guruji says "that problems are necessary to help us become stronger and stronger, and to grow". Life is nothing but the process of growing from what we are to what we have to become. In other words, it is a process of becoming. Enjoyment and Suffering or Love and Pain are as light and shadow, and go together, alternating one with the other.

We have to grow, to evolve, and this process of evolution is what we have to attend to, and take pleasure and pain as they come, and not look for them.

Everyone born in the human world has to suffer pain, misery, separation(oh God thats killing), grief—these are all parts of life, and this is what is not understood, and the lack of this basic understanding is what causes hurt! As the concept of day includes within itself night also, and one could not exist without the other, similarly life would not be life without all the pain.
And what of the lessons that pain and suffering teach us? Are they not necessary?

So you cannot have love without pain, you cannot have pain without love. And if you just go into this whole business of pain and suffering, you'll find at the base there is always love. Everything that we do, everything that we suffer in our life must be the training to bear it more and more.

Best of Luck.


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It is true what you have written. pain and happiness are 2 sides of one coin.


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