Monday, February 20, 2006

What is the secret to getting them right?

Relationships are one of the most difficult areas of our life. We spend most of our times analyzing them, thinking about them, working on them and fixing them. The closer the ties the harder are the challenges and more the expectation. Though giving is more apt as true love is unconditional. A good deal of our happiness and our sorrow arises from these relationships. The people nearest to us such as our parents , siblings, spouse, close friends, cousins, children and relatives are usually the source of our deepest anxieties, fears, insecurities or unhappiness , as indeed they are of joy, love, support, affirmation, comfort, solace and guidance.
If relationships are so central to our existence as human beings, if we spend so much time on them and in them, if they can, in fact, make or break us, then what is the secret to getting them right? If only we knew this, we might not only prevent much sorrow but also actually create a good deal of happiness. And we may finally find a way of being at peace with ourselves and with others and then this will hold true 'and they lived happily ever after....'


At 18:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi anamika

ya absolutely right to point out that relationships are the most impt part of our life.

we all spend time in them as we are all looking for a person who will make us feel complete and happy.

At 16:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with u thats its the mst challenging aspect.
One may read books and book on realtionships but getting it right is ones own efforts. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.
We have to give it our best shot.

At 02:24, Blogger JV said...

Infect it is the complex nature of relationship which seprates human from other animals. Other few mammals have very basic social structure.

And I would not try to find the 'secret' of how to get them right. It will take away all the surprise of life :)

Sorry for spamming your blogs with my comments, hope you will approve all of them.

BTW, may I point out that there is something wrong with the blog layout. Side bar of right side appears at bottom of the blog.


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