Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pleasant moments

Every time I have visited bandstand especially during the weekends I am put off whenever I come across a hawaldar with his stick going 'tak, tak , tak...'. I can’t help but also notice the sarcastic smirk on the faces of the passersby who are jogging, taking walks etc.
Then I also come across and its a common sight to see many young college going couples holding hands and enjoying each others company as they are lost in their own world...blissfully blissfully blissfully.
Its fun to observe them, exchanging looks, the way they walk, they are so engrossed amongst themselves that we passersby actually have to make way for ourselves.... but we don’t mind at all.

What bothers me is that when I hear that 'tak, tak , tak...' and there comes this hawaldar who disturbs them from their dream world , pulls them up and asks them to walk straight- decently.
Cant these young naive teens even enjoy some of their lives pleasant moments before they enter adulthood where they have to face the burden of responsibilities and when thinking of visiting these promenades will require prior scheduling and enjoying these walks holding hands will be a thing of the past!!


At 20:51, Anonymous Nidhi said...

LOL (hehehe)

I wish everyone will think like you do.

You know what, my room mate during college time faced so much problems becoz of these hawaldars and police. These people try to make money when they see boy and girl going together. They threaten them, they will tell their parents if they dont give them money.
Its so unfortunate.

At 21:33, Blogger Anushka said...

Oh my God

I thought these hawaldars who were posted at the signals take money.
I guess threat to inform parents can be much more encashing.
well well well...


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