Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Scot free

Jessica's real culprits :
This was one case that was so crystal clear when it hit the news years back and for once I felt that ya ..a politicians son will be behind bars. Rich politicians son involved in a murder, in a big city, in a crowded elite social club where everyone knew each other, and numerous eyewitnesses were there to testify. A politician’s son with powerful backing, loads of money and what’s the judgment years later?? He and his hands in glove pals get acquitted because of lack of evidence. But weren’t there numerous eyewitnesses?? There were, but they all turned hostile and that’s the most devastating part of the proceedings.

Did money buy their silence thus making them hostile, or was it the fear of the rich and powerful who were out on bail?
While the rich and famous are out on bail immediately and then work on to eliminate any evidence against them so that they get off scot-free with no harm done

A women gets killed by a maniac man only because she refuses to serve him a drink???

This women’s story at least made news because she was a famous socialite and model Jessica Lal. What about those ordinary people who are victims of domestic violence and abuse at its worst?

But perhaps the most pathetic aspect of the case is the failure of society as a whole that did not come forward to testify or rise to the occasion to stand as one to fight against the criminals. And the tragic irony of all is that the witnesses were no ordinary people, they too were famous and friends of the victim. And they were her real culprits who let her down!!

I have to mention that the law enforcement system has been incapacitated to such an extent where anybody with deep pockets and right connections can get away with crime of any kind.
My heart goes out to her sister and family members at this time. May they have strength to face this situation.


At 19:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes you are right, its shocking that her own group did not support her. These were the elite witnesses and yet they bcaked out.
Wonder what is the state of common people

At 19:06, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The main question here to be answered is THEN Who killed her, where are the real criminals?
When will we get the answers from these law makers?
Anamika well written how her own witnesses let her down.

At 14:12, Anonymous sadia said...

Yes check out more. laltely there has been more counter accusations and the police has not been spared. they are also being held accoutnable.

At 15:47, Anonymous Sadia said...

Hi all those culprits are not sighing in relief. the worst has already started for them.

At 02:07, Blogger JV said...

All the above, the District Judge which has acquitted the accused has been promoted to the High Court of Delhi soon after the judgment. He has been paid well for his 'loyalty' and 'integrity' :(

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