Friday, March 10, 2006

Love my job feels so wonderful when one gets a good job that one is looking out for since quite sometime. After years of patience to build the required work experience, it finally happens.

I love my new job and so far I can safely say its the best phase of my life.Touchwood! Everything at work is perfect to the T. My job requires me to meet several people all day long for different projects and the best part is am involved in crucial decision making process, that very often provides many others to thus get recruited in my company. And that makes me feel so satisfied.
I am loving it.

So am going to enjoy my weekend and you all enjoy it too:) )


At 20:58, Anonymous Nidhi said...


Congrats for new job.....

Best Wishes

At 10:02, Anonymous TC said...

good going. must feel fullfiling at the end of the day. goody luck

At 21:23, Blogger Anushka said...

Thanks loving it.
take care

At 00:36, Anonymous Dilip said...

Congrats for new job!!!
enjoy n have fun.


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