Monday, March 13, 2006

Relationship Karma

To my love, with all my love

I definitely believe that ‘relationship karma’ operates in all our relationships and begins in each life with childhood family interactions. And from there on we learn the basic functions of relationships.

Soul groups or soul mates are people we instantly feel familiar with, and we have this unique sense of connection stemming from a previous life or lives either in a positive or negative setting. Sometimes when we meet someone we feel a deep sense of connection already, that cant be explained. But its there and the feeling just wont go away. When we are in love and found a perfect partner, we feel that we know this person from years, though we may have just met. Soulmates are two people who are extremely compatible on most levels. The connection is usually extensive, spanning several lives and for the most part positive. These experiences and connections happen to provide opportunities to develop the qualities and characteristics we are most in need of.

I would like to site my own experience with it. When I met my love I felt I knew him from many years, we had so much in common and he understood me so well. We instantaneously bonded on so many levels and I felt that he knew things about me that I never mentioned to him. I sensed that he was the missing link in my life and his presence made me feel absolute, just wonderful. The distinctive part was that when we spoke about our childhood to each other or specific phases of our teenage years, we had more or less encountered the same experiences at different places with different set of people. There were amazing coincidences in our separate encounters to a particular situation, shared the same feelings and there were just no explanations!!

Our soul mates or groups have generally shared many experiences with us and know us well. All these contacts and relationships are usually intensely emotional, and some of them can conjure up strong feelings either positive or negative all for a purpose. All is for a growth, development and evolution.

lots of taught me how to love, your love.

Source: Michael Millet


At 20:43, Anonymous JV said...

The theory of 'Relationship Karma' is well expressed. I agree with the expereince you share.

Just curious, you have mentioned soul mate(s). Did you mean there can be more then one ?

What if I am dumb enought to recognise the sign or something like that.

I am dead serious, no pun is intended.

At 20:44, Anonymous Shamita said...

Hi there
ya ur right. eveything happens for a purpose and not all incidents are coincidences always . some feelings are unexplained too.

i feel the same way with few people who i meet and know.
it just makes me realise that there is a relation that exists with a bonding that is unique in many ways and is very special as maybe i know them from many lives.

At 20:45, Blogger Anushka said...

Hi Jv

Thanks for visiting my blog and expressing interest. Yes, you can have more than one soulmates.

When I gave my personal example of soulmate it was with regards to my lover only.

Also soulmates can most definitely be your buddies or even your best friends or childhood friends from many years. These are the people you spend maximum time with and have a close bonding of friendship too. Relatives and family relations are also operated by relationship karmas and starts in each life with childhood family interactions.

Therefore we can have several soulmates and they can be in reincarnation with us, as the unexplained close bonding we feel sometimes with someone is not a coincidence. It stems from the previous lives that existed in either a negative or positive setting.

I hope that answers your query.


At 20:45, Anonymous Sonal said...

I totally feel the same. ofcourse it comes as a surprise sometimes when i feel i connect to someone real soon, since i dont get overly friendly that soon.
soul mates are there for a reason and when we feel close to them it has a deeper meaning that cannot be explained scientifically.

the deeper meaning is nothing but relationship karma.
I enjoyed reading.

At 20:46, Anonymous Dilip said...

nice post!!!
totally agree with u . soul mates r the ppl we always want to hang around with them . feelings ,love , compassion r always thr for them even if u r not in touch with them for long time.

At 20:46, Anonymous Manish said...

Everyone who comes in our life comes to serve a purpose. Some friends make us laugh, some give us a shoulder to cry on, some teach us how to love, some share our sorrows and make them lighter. We should not mourn those who go out of our life. Just be thankful that they were there when we needed them.

At 20:47, Anonymous JV said...

well, when soulmate is of opposite gender, isnt there any chance of confusion about the feelings between them? (I believe my mind is not clear enough to form the quesion properly, anyhow!)

At 20:50, Anonymous Anushka said...

Hi Jv
am not clear abt the doubt you have!!

In anycase, when soulmate is of opposite gender, confusions are there that is normal and can exist in any relationship. The idea is how to solve them successfully and over come it.

For more info read: , by Michael Millet , he has explained it in detail, I have only sited my experience with it)

At 20:50, Anonymous Nidhi said...

Its a nice post. After I read, I was really thinking that it really happened. Sometimes we feel that we know the person for so long, though we may have met just few weeks before.


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