Thursday, April 20, 2006

Unfocussed Kids trying to sound ..............

I hate and loathe it when foolish immatured kids try to sound american with words like wotcha , eh, gonna, wanna, gotcha, jeez and phrase their sentences to sound you know! They are like the end.

These clones bare no responsibility...after all they all belong to the creative line!!! They are different from the know special ones.

Most of these people are working in call centers and are on receiving end of alot of irate calls . Not to forget they make a total fool of themselves also. As people get laid off in call centers all the time. They cant even do such simple tasks.

Now why do they work in call centers ? They work in call centers because their fed-up parents have stopped providing them money. Why cant they get a decent education to get a lucrative job? No they wont...coz they all want to be writers, designers, actors. NO sense of responsibility. They basically want to live of their parents money and blame the whole world that no one understands their arty feelings..creative feelings...basically dumb feelings. They do not want to do anything in life, just sit in front of the mirror if they aspire to become an actress. Click pictures of rejected already worthless things, then call it art--I mean abstract art. Reality is that no one wants to look at them.
Then they want to become designers...their clothes wont be sold on the road side stalls also!! After all even common man has some good taste. And what takes the cake....all want to become stable education....faking their english to sound posh ...and writers...hell..their books wont be taken for free. These days people have no place to keep trash in their houses.

They can sit on their couch , work on their american accents which sounds hopeless anyway, reminds me of Salman-- total fake. His life is a good example for all if 'em' (them).

There can only be a few Arundhati Roys , Shobha Des, Manish Malhotras and Rohit Bals in a huge crowd. Not every tom, dick, harry and harriets can be like them . They are not even a shade of their shadows. Though these days they are there by the dozen.

PS: read my profile, am part of that mission too , registered legal one who enjoys some uses. Now go search . For all the email you sent, it may come to me in the end to take some action. What a coincidence -its a small world. Dont worry will send it back to you as a memoir. What is that...a slap that is not heard hurts more. You and your gang of S--goons and their lovers can do anything, I wont get affected.


At 16:47, Anonymous SK said...

its the nature of the beast to always attack on .. .so, dont worry and just move on, with your work. nd do try to leave some of their blog that i could teach them a lesson. and as far as the writing is concerned ,a creative writer is never scared of being copied or else his postings being abstracted. bcoz he is a creator so he will go on...


At 16:48, Anonymous SK said...

who are those workless you know them.and never mind some times, we have to give evil its due and say hail hitler. isnt it.just move on.. without wasting your precious time after those people.


At 16:55, Blogger Anushka said...

Thanks Sk

I got your suggestion and will check into it.

At 17:53, Anonymous DD said...


wonderful post!!!

kudos to u.

At 19:40, Anonymous SloganMurugan said...

Well, no harm in dreaming. I guess even the greats of today started off by dreaming while they were doing a dead end job.

I didn't understand the last part of your post.

At 19:51, Anonymous manish said...


That's what the kids belonging to the latest generation are about. (though not all of them)

Most of them do not even know what they want to do. Ignore them.

What I would also like to add & is ironical that some of them even get their education completed for namesake but in spite of it are still all the more unfocused.

When questioned, they are quick to defend their 'stable jobs' but yet part-time pursue their 'creative career'. The truth of the matter is their 'stable job' is part time and full time is 'creativity'(rather nothing).

They think they are the RDB types.

At 22:41, Anonymous Meera said...

Too cool woman...! :D

Though i can understand you hate Shilpa and my guts :) and thus feel the need to rant about creative people, still it's mind boggling (my poor creative mind) why you need to rant about call centre employees and dhobis! hahahaha....

Simply hilarious! The true quality and level of your thoughts is showing girl..

Take care! :)

At 23:02, Blogger Anushka said...

@ DD: thanks, it coming from one IITian to another, thoughts can be the same. Kudos to you too for understanding.

@Slogan: Dreams..I agree- totally harmless. As to dead end jobs--yes you're correct .

@ Manish: Excuses gallore.., explanations endless.., versions on and on. Interesting observation though.

@ Meera: Thanks for the identified comment,I like your guts too. I also love reactions,defences, justifications from others(I hope you "understand" these aren't types of fabrics ok). Did I take any name-..No--I guess its a case of sour grapes !!!:)
I also just discovered I have humour & wits too..though please don't exert your poor creative mind as I don't want anyone to pass out.
(btw try to understand your 'clients' & 'customers' , that will help)

At 14:29, Anonymous Manish said...


Comon you getting anon comments...the computer engg sitting in US of A and can't track them down.?????


At 14:43, Blogger Anushka said...

I have no time. These days I get comments from *#$#@# calling me 'sweetheart'. And I have no desire to find them out. Its the culture.

The thing is 'a case of sour grapes' is when reactions/defenses happen & 'guilty conscience' is when unasked explanations happen. The best part is I haven't even taken names. Its so easy to lay the bait to trap them. I love it.

Every anon comment of their says 'last one', 'good bye' but they keep coming back for trial sessions. Gosh their designs just won't sell.

Just like their rigged designs , art, writings- even their anon comments won't see the light of the day.

Babies can have fun while they enjoy their JOYRIDE et al.

At 10:37, Anonymous Laks said...

So what do u suggest:

that people just leave what their dreams are? India is such a pathetic nation of underperformers with utter lack of creativity because we dont know to dream.. and if we dream we never follow them..

If Dhirubhai Ambani sat with his then well paying lucrative job(clerk in london i guess) we would never have had Reliance. If Azimji stayed in US like me instead of going back and setting up Wipro, we would probably never have known Wipro.

Respect Dreams.. they are what build the world.. a nation without dreams will be a nation of slaves, lucrative indeed.. but lucratively payed slaves. That is what I was .., a software engineer.. a lucratively payed slave.. until i chose to leave my potentially > 6lacs paying job and follow my dream!

At 10:52, Anonymous Anushka said...

"India is such a pathetic nation of underperformers with utter lack of creativity because we dont know to dream.. "

Yes dream, but dream with responsibility.

Coming from mumbai, my friends from school who aspired to be designers, writers till date have not found a foothold. Its been more than a decade.

Call centers jobs are an excellent opportunity to earn some money provided its backed up with some plans to move further. But not full time. Even the call center managers don't prefer to have an assoc working for more than 2 yrs or so. They want new voices , youngsters so that they can train them.

I think these days college students who study and work at the same time are doing great. But later it has to be followed with some concrete plans to move towards their dreams.
I mean.. how many actors, designers can any country have at a time. Its limited.

There can be a " need" for a thousand enggs in the market, but there can be only one actor from a thousand. The demand and supply of the creative line is such.

At 21:47, Anonymous Laks said...

Financial Irresponsibility is agreeably a very bad condition.... I am totally with you in that case..

counter examples can be found though...

while Boeing 747 was being designed most of the engineers did not even have an inkling of an idea about the return on investement...they just build a dream: the biggest, most capacious, fuel effecient, long distance aircraft ever.

bulding 747 was like building a dream... it was like building a goddess
!!!! and that is what she is.. a goddess!

another example :Amazon!

At 21:50, Anonymous deeperUnderground said...

Heard about SOWRY?
Sowry Harassment - The New Bane of Indian Society

Its gonna get u soon....

At 23:51, Blogger Anushka said...

Sorry this designer comment too won't see the light of the day. Straight to the garb.

Baby enjoy your joyride.

Your push button ain't functioning.

At 23:56, Anonymous Laks said...

he he he he .. SIFF wont leave ya alone...neva eva leave u alone..... he he

well sorry.. could not help laughing at these buffoons.

At 23:57, Blogger Anushka said...


sigh !!

They live in a joyride world.

At 00:03, Anonymous Deepak said...

SOWRY harrassment will get you too one day. Laugh how mch you want. You all beling to bif.
we feed our family, provide everything, earn money , yet indian law taken full advantage by indain women .

At 02:26, Blogger Anushka said...

Thanks for the info:

" come up with phrases like "joyride world", you reaaaaally need to be creative!! :) "

That was comment # 5 there. You know, he is right it requires a creative person(like you) to come up with the term 'joyride'.

What is that...a slap that is not heard hurts mOre.

Sorry your "publish" and "prediction" is not working either.

That was one mOre.

PS: Dhoom you put it across the best way.

At 19:41, Blogger Anushka said...


Got some IP addresses and some more with the phone numbers, and a couple of them much to my pleasure(voww) are posted from workplace consistently.
It would create a stir .......!!

At 20:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yoohoo!!! So we are back!!

At 20:10, Blogger Anushka said...

Welcome back

You are back only as a faceless creature.

Show me what you got?

Correction: It is not we. it is you alone on a joyride kiddo.


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