Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It keeps me going….

Sometime ago I faced some of the most turbulent times of my life. I couldn't believe that this was my life and it would take such a shape!! Oh…life changed so drastically and I couldn't recognize it myself. I've always been very meticulous and well planned, as I kind of don’t like unwelcomed turn of events. But life had surprises for me that I had to accept and there was no turning back. So when I faced some calamities, most of the principles that I use to proudly claim to stand by were put to test. Am glad to say that I passed with flying colors. It was hard though!

I explained to myself that problems were necessary to help me become stronger and stronger, and to grow. Life is nothing but the process of growing from what we are to what we have to become. So whatever I had to endure was for a purpose and a good one at that. Taught me some new values and made me think hard about my actions.
Now that the phase is behind me I kind of know some of the anwers as to why it happend to me and there was a reason. And today am content and life couldn't be better.

My friends tell me that I passed through the entire worst phase with my dignity intact. Of course I thank them for their support and the unconditional love of my parents. When I was young I always fanaticized life would be so and so...and normal. Bad things cant happen to me. How innocent I was or is it naive!! But little did I realize that someday I'd have to face it myself and nature would put me to the grind as well.
Well no matter what, I had faith and that’s what kept me going. I had faith that things would change for the better. It had to. To have faith when faith is possible is not really faith. Faith is the ability to believe in the impossible. It is faith, which makes the impossible possible. It keeps me going….
It keeps me going….


At 20:59, Anonymous Nidhi said...

No doubt life is so tough and some days are like pathetic. We just wish that somehow this time will pass.
Everyone face their own share of challenges but it seems some people face more which make them stronger then others.

At 00:32, Anonymous Dilip said...

Dear Anu ,
yes , life is full of ups n downs . i really appreciate the way u tackled the worst phases of ur life. i absolutely agree with "Life is nothing but the process of growing from what we are to what we have to become. ".

At 15:22, Blogger Gautam said...

Faith is everything. May sages guide you!

At 18:13, Blogger Anushka said...

Thanks Gautam

and keep visiting my blog.


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