Thursday, May 11, 2006

The end of the project

My project will be ending tomorrow. The entire assignment went very well as it was planned and the results were as expected, but I yet feel bad since our group of 5 people is going to split up. I feel so attached to them though I was the last one to join the project . We all were getting along great together and worked fine as a team. My present manager is a wonderful lady –an achiever in every sense, a perfect role model and am going to miss her the most. She took immense care of all of us in the team.

Next Monday we all report back to the corporate and will be assigned our new projects. All of us shall go to different places and be part of new teams.

Hopefully we all will meet again, work together, another time for another project.

More people to meet, more things to learn!!


At 08:39, Blogger laks said...

Its so sad as always... when i quit my job during a party i almost broke down... it always happens!!!

DOnt worry u will get over it;


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